Nominet is an internet company delivering public benefit and is the trusted guardian of the UK namespace – one of the world’s largest country code registries. Nominet manages and runs the infrastructure for over 10 million domain names that end in .uk as well as Welsh Top Level Domains (TLDs) .cymru and .wales and 35 other branded and generic TLDs, including .bbc and .london. Over 3 million businesses, and millions more consumers, rely on its domain registry services.

Through its work keeping the .UK namespace secure Nominet’s R&D team is exploring the further potential of the Domain Names System (DNS) and the challenges and opportunities around emerging internet technologies. As a result it operates in a number of business areas, from providing internet connectivity and analytics for Internet of Things (IoT) devices to selling complex data analytics software, including its ground-breaking network analytics tool called turing, for tackling cyber threats. Nominet is also working with the UK government to protect its Public Service Network, in partnership with the National Cyber Security Centre.

With the proceeds of its successful registry business, Nominet set up and supports the charitable foundation Nominet Trust, the UK’s leading social tech funder.